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About Aly & Her Blog Writing Journey

“Why Did You Start Writing about Cats?”

Hi, I’m Aly, a devoted cat lover and proud cat momma to two adorable rescue cats, Kaya and Omu. I know life keeps us all on our toes, so I want to extend a heartfelt and enthusiastic “THANK YOU” for carving out a moment in your busy schedule to enjoy my blog about cats!

My journey as a cat parent began when I found Kaya, an older community cat, wandering around the parking lot of my apartment building. Despite being fed by many residents, Kaya didn’t have a true home or a loving family to care for her. Not long after, I came across Omu, a younger cat, just outside the ground level of my apartment.

Knowing the threats that stray cats like Kaya and Omu face – from cruel individuals, stray dogs, territorial cat fights, harsh weather conditions, and even the risk of being run over – I couldn’t bear to leave them to fend for themselves. So, I opened my heart and home to these two lovely feline souls through my gradual interactions, feeding and playing with them daily.

My passion for cats and fascination with their behavior led me to create The Kittycone Blog. I wanted to share my personal experiences as a cat owner and offer valuable insights and advice to fellow cat enthusiasts. More importantly, as a humanitarian, I wanted to promote the idea of adopting instead of shopping for pets, emphasizing the importance of providing loving homes to countless animals in need.

Through The Kittycone Blog, I hope to inspire and educate others on the joys of cat parenting while advocating for the welfare of all our furry friends. Join me on this whiskerific journey as we explore the wonderful world of cats together!